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April 28, 2007



Oh well said!!!

I had to read this book in high school and I hated it.

I agree with you that Hawthorn seemed to be more bent on showing that the puritans LACKED grace. BTW, know of any good books that discuss (acurately) who the puritans really were as a social unit? I'm hunting.

I, too, am trying to focus on more of the classics which I hated reading growing up (in part because the curriculum required that that I read The Scarlett Letter and I found it unappealing). The more classics I read the less impressed I am with the "genre" (shall we say?) as a whole. What IS the criteria for a classic? And, at least sometimes....why should we care?


I'm starting to wonder the same thing myself. I wrote on this a while back. It seems most of the "classics" are bent on immorality. Golly, my kids need that, don't they? And many of the authors who wrote those classics led some pretty suspicious lives, at best.

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